Tuesday Dirt Ride

Tuesday Dirt Ride!

Every Tuesday we close the shop at 5:30 for a group dirt ride.

Rides vary in difficulty and location so we highly encourage you to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for weekly updates.

You're welcome to meet at ride location 6pm, or catch a carpool from the shop at 5:30pm. Rides usually take off by 6:15pm.

What you should know about OMC group rides:

  • We ride together and re-group
  • It's not a race, but we like to have fun
  • Full suspension or hardtail is cool
  • We night ride when the time changes (see note below)
  • Rides vary in length, difficulty and location - contact us for weekly info!
  • Please come prepared with the gear you need!!!

*Note: we ride all year round. When it gets dark we just turn on the lights and night ride!*

Event Info

Tuesday | May 04th 2021 | 6:00pm Overmountain Cycles Adults | Intermediate