Jhorts Scavenger Hunt

Only rule is...you must wear Jhorts!

Meet at Overmountain Cycles 4pm.

This scavenger hunt will start and finish in downtown Morganton. It’s a fun ride where participants explore downtown hunting for the different hidden checkpoints. Riders are required to find 5 checkpoints to finish, but must discover all 10 to win.

Riders will all start at Overmountain Cycles. They will receive at random a map and clue for one checkpoint location. Riders will take off in search that checkpoint to find the hidden checkpoint with a map to the next location. You MUST take a photo of yourself to prove you found the hidden checkpoint.

Scavenger Hunt finishes at Homers!

RULES: Must wear Jhorts

How it works:

- $5 buy in – winners split pot
- Must find 5 checkpoints to finish
- Find all 10 to be eligible to win
- Smartphone is pretty much required
- Partners are allowed, but parties are not.
- Must take a photo of yourself to prove you’ve reach each checkpoint
- There is no assigned route, get there how you wish
- Any bike is cool, but hybrid or offroad rigs will have an advantage
- Rain or shine
- Top three that collect all 10 checkpoints will split the pot plus numero uno gets a ‘special’ prize

Event Info

Saturday | Mar 30th 2019 | 4:00pm Overmountain Cycles All Ages | Beginner