Stocking all you need for knobby, slick or in between type adventures

Bicycling is about the warm breeze in your face, the hum of tires on tarmac and spraying dirt into the air. There more to bicycling than just the bike too. It's your prized possession, morning getaway partner and thrill seeking companion. Yeah, we feel that too, and are just as stoked to chat about bikes as we are to ride them. We stock rigs that fit all imaginations, so check out the brands we think are rockin' it and then stop by to see them in the flesh! 


17 5 Renegadeexpat
18 Durnagocomp Bl
18 Codacomp
18 Renegadeelite
17 5 Venturasport Rd Final
17 Defcon1
17 Auroraelite
17 Dragonslayer26 Pro 1
17 Xenithpro
18 Dakara1
17 Dragonslayer26 Pro
18 Starlite20 Bl2
18 Citizen2 Sl
18 Helix Pl
17 Dragonfly26 Pro
17 Citizen3Stepthru
17 Allegro Lm
18 Hotrod12 Bl2

Y'all, Jamis Bikes has been around for a long time. Since 1937, they have been producing quality bicycles that let you take on adventures right from your front door...so we think they know a thing or two. We dig them 'cause everyone defines adventure in their own way and Jamis let's you scratch that itch. So if that adventure is exploring new road (paved or not!), tackling new single track or cruising the greenway.....Jamis has got yo' back. Check them out!


Dsc 3559
Dsc 3562
Dsc 3565
Dsc 3666
Dsc 3667
Dsc 3673
Dsc 3683
Dsc 3684

Kona has been building rad bikes since 1988. Still owned by the founding owners today, they are built upon the freedom and empowerment of the bicycle. We love them for making waves in the bike industry with bikes like the Honzo and Process, building shred sleds that beg to tear-up single track and for being flat out cool. Check them out! 


Dsc 3569
Dsc 3570
Dsc 3573
Dsc 3575
Dsc 3576
Dsc 3577
Dsc 3599
Dsc 3600
Dsc 3612
Dsc 3602
Dsc 3603
Dsc 3608
Dsc 3610
Dsc 3613
Dsc 3619
Dsc 3620
Dsc 3626
Dsc 3632
Dsc 3641
Dsc 3635
Dsc 3648
Dsc 3650
Dsc 3654
Dsc 3657
Dsc 3658

Salsa bikes are built for the adventure. Yup, their motto to is keep the "spirit of adventure alive in bicycling" and we don't think anyone does this better. We dig 'em for their keen attention to detail, inspiring our everyday rides, building bikes that don't limit your imagination and for making us hungry for chips n' salsa like all the time. Check them out!